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Helping heart-centered entrepreneurs take their place amongst the wealthy, so that we can change the world for the better

Heather Abbott is an experienced CPA and financial advisor turned speaker and educator. She helps you to make big leaps in your life and business.
When you have a mission or a dream and it feels too big, Heather has the gift of guiding you on your unique path to overcoming the challenges and evolving.
This allows you to reach your goals more easily so you can make the impact you want, and live the life you truly deserve with money and time to spare.
She has launched a new show called Prosperity & Possibilities that is available on many podcast providers and on YouTube (here).
Grab a notebook before listening since she will always give you at least one actionable tip for increasing your prosperity, which is your wealth, and joy.

“With just a fifteen min call, with Heather, I was able to conjure up the courage to take the steps I needed to take charge of my own finances. Making the calls and being able to know where  my money is such as peace of mind and empowering”

Heidi Walt of Dover, Delaware

Thank you again for your very generous and informative presentation for the YMCA Self Employment Program entrepreneurs.  Your knowledge about financial planning related to small business operations and tax reporting was very helpful, and accessible.  Your step-by-step guidelines really set the stage for the audience to ask relevant questions pertaining to their unique situations.  There was lots of appreciation expressed at the end, including a comment that said “best seminar in the program”!

Lynne Brisdon re Heather C AbbottLynne Brisdon, Manager, Self Employment Program , YMCA of Greater Vancouver

“I am so glad Heather taught me this information. I am doing well financially because of it. I see others my age in hard financial situations, who feel like giving up, because they do not have this knowledge.”

Kristen Goudey, Nova Scotia

Do any of these resonate with you?

Having to take control of your finances and feeling overwhelmed
Money flowing in, but there are unknown leaks in your financial bucket
Your purpose in life is calling but you are feeling like it is too big
You have big dreams you know they are meant for you, but the path to achieve them is unclear
Finances not an issue, but you feel distinct lack of joy or freedom
You are unhappy with where you are in life and crave something better
Wealth Tribune
retirement Planning by Heather C Abbott hcabbott.ca

The Importance of Retirement Planning

Critical steps to take to ensure you are prepared and a unique approach to feeling secure even without having oodles of money and investments.

Published August 6, 2021

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These articles contain general information that answers questions that I often hear.  They are for educational purposes only and are not professional advice.  To get actual professional advice you must consult a professional who will advise you on your specific situation.  These articles will provide you with questions to ask those professionals to see if they apply to you.

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