Female entrepreneurs hire Heather to get them financial clarity, and prosperity.



Her methods help if you:

  • don’t clearly know where your money is going,
  • don’t have enough free time
  • aren’t reaching your financial goals
  • wonder if you can make better money choices,
  • are concerned you aren’t teaching your children good financial habits and mindsets.

As a mom entrepreneur herself, she knows it can feel overwhelming and that managing the money wisely can help you gain precious time with your children.  Her system Financial Clarity to Prosperity helps bring clarity to your finances and move you to higher net worth.

Heather is an eternal optimist.

She has been through difficulties herself both financial and otherwise but has come out the other side and has feels like it was all worth it to be where she is now. Helping others comes naturally to her, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help others get the lives they want as well.

Heather has been coaching people through financial issues for more than 20 years. She has helped thousands of individuals and small businesses to gain control of their financial well being.
Heather has a business degree from Acadia University.  She is a CPA, financial consultant, entrepreneur, volunteer, and coach.  She has decades of ongoing education and experience.

Finance Education Author

Heather writes educational articles about personal finance and wealth management.

Public Speaker

Heather is available for public speaking engagements on various financial topics in Canada, the US, the EU and Australia.

Wealth Management Coach

Heather offers private coaching to individuals who are serious about wealth management.

Personal Finance Courses

Heather develops online courses that help her readers gain a solid understanding of personal finance fundamentals.

Personal Insurance Information Series

Heather has created a free online course for her visitors, the Personal Insurance Information Series. This course will teach you the fundamental concepts of personal insurance coverage, and help you form the best strategy for your situation.