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Thank you again for your very generous and informative presentation for the YMCA Self Employment Program entrepreneurs.  Your knowledge about financial planning related to small business operations and tax reporting was very helpful, and accessible.  Your step-by-step guidelines really set the stage for the audience to ask relevant questions pertaining to their unique situations.  There was lots of appreciation expressed at the end, including a comment that said “best seminar in the program”!

Lynne Brisdon re Heather C AbbottLynne Brisdon, Manager, Self Employment Program , YMCA of Greater Vancouver
Your audience will:
  • feel their energy shift, inviting them to move to a happier inner place
  • acquire knowledge and actionable takeaways
  • hear stories that entertain, motivate and inspire them to become more, achieve more and live life in a more prosperous way

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Stand in Your Power – Embracing and Empowering Who You Are

This memorable presentation is both witty and inspiring. It will help your audience to embrace who they are, release stress, and feel more in control of their lives. This results in higher satisfaction in life and more productivity on a daily basis.

Time Management and Productivity – Add Peace & Prosperity to Your Life & Business

This educational presentation enables the audience to “find time’ in their schedules, thereby becoming more efficient both at home and on the job. We all have 24 hours in a day, and learning to use those hours in the best way actually gives us more, stress free time to do what we really love.

Widows in Overwhelm – What Their Financial Advisors Must Know

This talk is targeted at the financial services industry. As baby boomers age the number of clients that are widows is increasing. This is a special needs group that Heather understands extremely well from experience. She offers insights on how advisors can best serve them and in doing so, acquire and potentially keep their business.

Financial Essentials Without Overwhelm – Evaluating Your Finances & Financial Advisor

Primarily targeted for women this educational presentation is valuable for any audience that is already in overwhelm and is wanting to understand more about their finances. It is the other side of the widows in overwhelm talk, that speaks to what to expect from an advisor.

Domestic Abuse – Denial, Determination & Deliverance

Heather shares her inspiring story while educating your audience that denial is common especially amongst those who are mentally, verbally and emotionally abused. The danger of that plus stigmas and judgements applied to  the abused can keep them from speaking up and potentially will prolong their escape to a better place.


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