Who is Heather?

Heather is:

  • a dynamic speaker providing talks that are engaging and inspiring with actionable takeaways
  • a CPA and financial advisor with decades of experience as a lifelong entrepreneur
  • the survivor of an almost 25 year mentally abusive marriage, who knows it was far easier to deal with him shooting himself three feet in front of her than to deal with the trauma caused by years of mental abuse
  • now happily remarried and bringing the hope of “fairy-tale endings ARE possible” to others
  • mom of two

The knowledge she shares with her audience comes from experience, professional training, teachings from scientists, energy healers, among others. Her topics are brought to life using the magic of her unique, caring personality. She is able to shift the audience to a better, higher vibrational place where they can absorb the message.

She has spent her life gathering information, techniques and methods that she used to up-level her life and create big changes. This knowledge, education and experience is used to guide others to make changes in their lives and businesses they have been striving toward.

While working with Investors Group awarded her the Executive and Senior Achievement Award, Pillar Award, 2 Regional Insurance Achievement Awards, and the Regional Insurance Achievement Award. She has spoken on many stages, created courses, coached and mentored others for years.

To learn more about Heather’s journey “from abused to abundant”, watch the video below. She shares her very personal journey, to give others hope, and let them know they are not alone.

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Two principles she lives by are:

“You can make any situation better by changing how you look at it.”


“The number of years I have been on this planet has nothing to do with how old I am.”