Heather Abbott is a dynamic wealth coach providing advice, support, and recommendations to clients and employees. She has decades of experience in financial analysis, business planning, and accounting.

While her clients are varied, most of them tend to be female entrepreneurs. Heather delights in educating those who are open to change and can afford the personal attention to accomplishing life goals they have so long desired. The uniqueness that Heather offers is her listening, then presenting the best mindset stimulating questions. This thought-provoking technique is part of her Financial Clarity to Prosperity System.

She has spent her life gathering information, techniques, and methods that she has used to up-level her life and make big changes.  This knowledge, education and experience is the basis for how she guides others to make the big changes in their lives they have been striving for.

When you embark on an important journey, many people show up to tell you how they did it. Heather wants to find out where you are now, and where you want to go so she can help you find your unique path. She believes we all have missions we chose  to accomplish in our lives and they often feel too big.  That is how we wanted them, since we wanted to be challenged and evolve.  She is here to help us to remember that and to guide us on our journey.

While working with Investors Group awarded her the Executive and Senior Achievement Award, Pillar Award, 2 Regional Insurance Achievement Awards, and the Regional Insurance Achievement Award. She has been on many stages speaking, has created courses and has coached and mentored others for years.

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To learn more about Heather’s motivation for what she does, watch the video below.  She shares her very personal journey, to give others hope, and let them know they are not alone.