Heather Abbott is a dynamic wealth coach providing advice, support, and recommendations to clients and employees. She has decades of experience in financial analysis, business planning, and accounting. Heather has a passion for empowering women with confidence in their finances so that they can live their best life for the rest of their life.

Such experiences have positioned Heather as CEO of Abbott Wealth Education and as a Managing Partner of Eau Claire Partners Inc. (focusing on various life, disability and health insurances). Heather delights in educating women who are open to change and can afford the personal attention to accomplishing life goals they have so long desired. The uniqueness that Heather offers is her listening, then presenting the best mindset stimulating questions. This thought-provoking technique is part of her Financial Clarity to Prosperity System. The overview of the system is included in her Clarity booklets (free upon request).

The various groups who share Heather’s expertise include Investors Group, Brand Content Exchange, Float, LLC and Curbsidemall. Her volunteering efforts involve SMBA and Ride for Sight, as well as the CGA Association. The Investors Group awarded her the Executive and Senior Achievement Award, Pillar Award, 2 Regional Insurance Achievement Awards, and the Regional Insurance Achievement Award.

 Financial Education Author
 Prosperity Coach
 Public Speaking
 Personal Finance Courses
 Personal Insurance for Nova Scotia
 NICE women who want to turn their financial success into a happier self.
 Women who avoid financial needs and also know they must bring a clear financial system into play to become or stay successful.
 Coaches for women – speakers, personal coaches, nutrition
 Groups for women
 Clarity with finances, resulting in the freedom to be their true selves.
 Goal focused actions that assure hope to accomplish the lifestyle they desire

 Decide that you want help to truly be the person you wish, without the burden of financial confusion.
 Schedule a Clarity session with Heather to assess your needs.

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