UPDATES: (and answers to questions) please check back to see if there is anything new

GIFTS: We have been asked about gifts. Since we already have most things we need that would be affordable gift options, and do want some things that would cost more than the average gift, we would prefer the gift to simply be cash.

TOASTS/STORIES/SHARING: I know there are many who have something to say, a memory to share or a toast to make. I definitely love to hear all of these.

Any one who is comfortable speaking at the reception, will have a chance to do so.

For those NOT comfortable speaking in front of everyone, I ask that you please take the time to do one of the following:

  1. Write it out and add it into the gift box.
  2. Write it out in the guest book (there will be a section for this).
  3. Record it on you voice memo on your phone and email it to heather.cga@gmail.com
  4. Tell me in person and let me record it so I can keep it as a keepsake. ūüôā

GUEST BOOK: The guest book will not be just  a guest book, It will have information in it that you may find interesting plus a section for you to write out any toast, stories, memories and well wishes that you would like to share.

RSVP: I did not ask for RSVP since there is no meal planning, I would love to know if you are able to make it or not, but if you decide to come last minute please come.  If you want to let me know simply email me at heather.cga@gmail.com or call or text 902-841-0073

CHAIRS (for wedding ceremony attendees):  It may be best that you bring your own chairs to the wedding since the ones I had thought of using will not really work on the grass.  If you need one provided for you, please let me know.

We are looking forward to celebrating our marriage with all of you.

Attendance at the wedding itself is restricted to a handful of people due to the location.

For a reception we will be having a dance / celebration in the evening with snacks and cake.

The plan is to have any toasts (if you wish to give one, be ready), then cake, then mingling, and dancing. There will be some snacks, water and soft drinks. The legion is open downstairs for any who wish to have something stronger. You will be able to purchase drinks and come back upstairs with them.

Location: Digby Legion beginning at 7:30 PM Friday July 29, 2022.

Dress code: Nice but casual. No one will be wearing suits. The first picture here of us shows Craig in a blue shirt.  That is what he will be wearing for the wedding. That will give you a better idea of how to dress. I do ask that you do not wear a white outfit or dress, since that is what the wedding party will be wearing.

If you have questions, please contact Heather at 902-841-0073 via text or phone.

The wedding ceremony itself is only for very few people.
It slightly larger than the 6 that were initially going to be included but the list of those invited is still extremely small.  I thank you for understanding that there are reasons for keeping it very limited.
Those who are coming to the ceremony have been told directly and very clearly they are invited to the ceremony. If you are unsure, then we are looking forward to seeing you at the celebration in the evening.

The details for the wedding ceremony was included with the invitation for those invited. If you lost your information please contact Heather.

Please note that you cannot arrive past 2:05 due to the location as you would have to walk past the bride.

If it is bright and sunny, bring/wear a hat and sunscreen. (I do not know if you should have bug spray or not).

If you have questions or it is raining, reach out to Heather 902-841-0073 via text or phone, to see if it has been moved to the legion.

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